Grand Hall

The Grand Hall is designed for concerts, operas, and ballets. The stage with the rear stage and the wings is equipped with enough functions to comfortably accommodate performances that require large-scale stage installations. Also, this hall can be a first-class concert hall when fitted with sound reflecting panels to optimize the reverberation time. The wood-based interior makes the audience feel calm and relaxed. While this is a large-capacity hall with four balcony tiers, it is so masterfully designed that the audience feels closer to the stage than they actually are. This closeness, combined with the optimal reverberation time, contributes an overwhelming power and dynamism to stage performances. The spacious glass-walled foyer is 7m in height and full of bright natural light, providing a relaxing space for audience members waiting for the performance to begin, and again when they leave the hall with satisfied feelings after the performance. Drinks are available at the buffet before performances and during intermission.


Floor map

  • Escalator
  • Elevator
  • Restroom
  • Multipurpose restroom
  • Cloak
  • Information / Box Office
  • Shop
  • Buffet
  • Restaurant (igrek)

Facility Detail