The Theater can stage a wide variety of events, ranging from plays and musicals to traditional Japanese performing arts. It is equipped with an orchestra pit and employs an assembled stage floor structure to flexibly accommodate various stage settings. The seating area and the stage are integratively designed, and the carefully adjudged reverberation time allows the subtle nuances of performers’ voices to directly and clearly reach the audience, no matter where in the auditorium they are seated. In the first-floor seating area, the distance from the last row to the stage is only 20m, and this compactness creates an optimal environment for both performers and audiences. Mellow-colored cedar wood is used for the walls and ceiling of the Theater, providing an ideal setting for performers and audiences to focus their attention on the stage.


Floor map

  • Escalator
  • Elevator
  • Restroom
  • Multipurpose restroom
  • Cloak
  • Information / Box Office
  • Shop
  • Buffet
  • Restaurant (igrek)
  • Smoking area
  • Public phone

Facility Detail